That's What Jesus Is To Me

That's What Jesus is to Me

" original and spiritually compelling theme ...  This is good songwriting, as a result, this original theme has also risen to the occasion, earning finalist status in this year’s Christian/inspirational category..."

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While most of our songs are about life and faith, there were very few about Jesus himself.  Ron began to wonder whether there was something to that.  This song was the result.


He’s got a doubtful reputation

Among some of higher station

With unnerving revelation

for things he shouldn’t comprehend

He invites himself to dinners

Breaking bread with lowly sinners

Turning losers into winners

Just by calling them a friend



He’s my reconciliation

He’s the Lord of all creation

He’s an open invitation

To all I’d ever want to be

He’s a warming, healing water

He’s the wisdom of a father  

When nobody else would bother

That’s what Jesus is to me




He’s a rebel and dissenter

Hangs about with common renters

Raises hopes that they will enter

Heaven’s Kingdom in their day


He gives those Pharisees a fit

When he confounds them with his wit

Never knowing when to quit

And so they vow to make him pay






“Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Killer of the prophets

How I long to embrace you

Like a hen secures her young.” 

(Mathew 23:37; Luke 13:34)

But their hearts were not so willing

And a prophet needed killing

And a prophecy fulfilling

So He embraced them… as He hung

Now He’s promised life unending

And His Holy Spirit sending

Based on faith and not depending

On what works we have to show


Asking only for my heart

With which I’m hesitant to part

Why we’re not “finished” from the start

Only Heaven ever knows


(Chorus-- 2x)

Words and Music by Ron Lawrence

Copyright © 2008, Released on Samaritan, 2020, Jericho Road Crew, 41 Lawrence Hts., Jericho, VT 05465.  All rights reserved.