Hospital Greens

Hospital Greens

"You craft a humorous and bizarrely relatable premise with the words you use, as this song had me engaged from start to finish..."

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The Road Crew has played on multiple occasions at the a couple of our state prisons.  I have to tell you, we were a little scared to play this one; but... you should have seen the faces light up.  

Enjoy, and don't think too badly of us.


The ambulance was stopped on a country road.

The driver was motionless as we slowed.

Too late for the driver, he died a young man.

But the real surprise was in the back of the van.

Marijuana was piled from panel to rear

surrounding the usual ambulance gear.

Now, I think the idea was Carol Ann’s

to relieve that van of its contraband.

Now, I never smoked, (‘least I didn’t inhale)

And I have a natural aversion to jail.

So, we must have been crazy.  We knew it was wrong;

but, God help us, Tom and I went along.

We still had the problem of stowing the stuff.

It was then that we noticed the hospital scrubs.

So we donned those scrubs and tied up the sleeves

and stuffed ourselves with those buds and leaves.



My Mama said, “Don’t stay out too late.

‘For wide is the road, but narrow the gate.’

Eternity’s a heavy price, my son,

for a bad decision… ‘n a little too much fun.”


Well, we couldn’t just leave the driver there.

So we drove the van to the hospital where

anyone of sound mind ’d raise a brow if they’d seen

three “Michelin men” dressed in hospital greens.

But they didn’t say a word, at least not to our face.

We dropped off the body and got out of that place.

I wanted to be home with my kids and my wife;

but that drive was the longest ride of my life.

Our costumes were itchy, the traffic was thick.

I laid on the gurney feeling genuinely sick.

I was begging God’s mercy for our sins and flight.

That’s when Carol turned on the siren and lights.

But, the traffic parted just like the Red Sea

when Moses helped set his people free.

Tom waved to the cops with his Michelin arms.

And we stashed that loot in an old horse barn.




Now a few days later I was coming home late,

still worried about our impending fate.

So I drove to the barn, ‘n noticed the light,

opened the door, turned three shades of white.

All the horses and donkeys were out of their stalls.

They were neighin’ and brayin’ and having a ball.

On the hay loft ladder up on the top rungs,

Carol Ann was singin' at the top of her lungs.


Well, it wouldn’t be long before we’d see the police.

If not for the weed, then disturbing the peace.

But just about then, I awoke from that dream...

My heart was pounding, I was ready to scream.

But I sighed with relief and I got out of bed,

made my way down the hall on the way to the head,

when there on the floor by the washing machine…

…lay a neat little pile of hospital greens.


(Refrain 2x)


Words and Music by Ron Lawrence

Copyright © 2015, Jericho Road Crew, 41 Lawrence Hts., Jericho, VT 05465.  All rights reserved.